Jan & I have decided not to dispose of the business - but rather operate it with fewer tours.

AVGA Golf will continue to provide certain services to our golfing friends on a reduced scale.

Obviously with the Covid-19 Pandemic it has been impossible to provide any overseas tours.

It is anticipated that some form of normality in overseas travel will return around June 2022

2018 Champion of Champions

Every year those that win an AVGA Tour are invited to come to the Christmas Day to compete in the Champion of Champions.

This year 5 Lady Tour Winners and 5 Men Tour Winners competed at the Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

This year's Winners were Sue Aldridge (Pymble) with 40 points and Zel Diamant (Russell Vale) 44 points



Thank you - Thank you - for taking me to these beautiful places !

Everything runs like clockwork

We would never have envisaged playing on these courses without your organisation

I do not believe I could do it privately for the same price! 

I have made lifelong friends through AVGA GOLF





Contact Us

P O Box 1112
Menai, NSW, 2234 Australia

Jan for Flights: (02) 9541 4178

Terry for Golf:  0415 416 197

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